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VIA ride-share service is new(ish) to the Chicago area but has been in other regions like New York since 2012. You could say that VIA is like the Uber ride-share service that many are familiar with, but that really wouldn’t be fair to VIA. The VIA service uses professional drivers with chauffeur licenses that in my experience know the city well and they use their luxury SUV’s to pick you up. The other beneficial difference currently is the pricing which is 5 dollars flat, but since the application is new(ish) to Chicago, there has been specials as well. The potential downside at the moment is that the service is only in select areas in Chicago and only between certain hours of the day.

All in all, I would say that VIA is a quality service, and you should get a 10 dollar free credit using promo code james7q4

You can download the app for: iOS: Android:

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