The Ranch Netflix Original Series

After binge watching the first season of the new Netflix original The Ranch, I’m not sure to say if its good or not.  Cast is excellent, and there are some added cast members and guest appearances in the series as it goes on that are impressive for sure.  Plot line itself is set on a ranch as the title states but its also about Ashton Kutcher coming home after a failed football career and reliving his past in the small town he grew up in.

The drama in this sitcom seems a little darker than most so it’s a little confusing at times if it’s a comedy or drama but then the canned sitcom laughter plays. I would say the show is odd but overall it’s worth a look if you are just looking to kick back and watch a sitcom drama and see some of the old synergies between Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson reminiscent of the 70’s show, along with a stellar cast to complete The Ranch.


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