Skywall 100 Drone Defense System

SkyWall_1With all of the things that drones can do there does need to be some type of defense against them. There are many situations from a national security standpoint to a privacy invasion issue that you would want to defend against drones.  This is where a company called Openworks Engineering and the Skywall come into play, the Skywall is a gas powered launcher with a smart projectile to capture drones. The Skywall is basically a man portable bazooka for capturing drones equipped with great technology to help in doing so. The Skywall is used like a video game in that you look into the smart scope lock onto your target as the on board computer tracks the flight path of the target drone. When you are locked on and ready you fire the smart projectile and it releases a net capturing the drone and releasing a parachute to float it safely to the ground. The drone can then be analyzed and an attempt to find out who the pilot was can be made.

The Law

There have been laws passed for drones and where they can and cannot fly and in 2015 the FAA made it a requirement for drones to be registered if over two pounds.  The rules state that drones cannot fly over 400 feet and the penalty for not registering is a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 3 years in prison. There are other laws as well such as not to fly within 5 miles of airport in addition to states and other agencies making specified rules for certain areas.



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