Ravean Heated Jackets

If the thought of wearing bulky winter jackets is a pet peeve of yours, then the Ravean Heated Jackets are what you need. Ravean Heated Jackets come in men’s and women’s and a hoodie and a down jacket as well. The heated jacket system has heated body panels, heated pocket panels, and heated gloves that connect to the jacket. The jackets are comfortable from -4 to 55 degrees which is possible by not having the heat on or turning it to low, medium, high as the temperature drops. The jacket material is water resistant and can self-dry with the heating elements. Ravean also equipped the jackets with an abundance of pockets for your phone, ski goggles and numerous other items. Last but not least the patented long-lasting battery that is the power source for the heating elements will also charge your phone up to six times.

The Ravean Heated Jackets come in at a price point that wont break the bank either.

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