Monsieur. The Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender

Monsieur is a robotic bartender that I couldn’t imagine a person who doesn’t like a drink or two not wanting. Monsieur comes with 300 built in recipes out of the box and more can be added in addition to programmable themes. ¬†Monsieur will send you a text if it is running low on supplies and monitor your drink consumption and tell you what your estimated bac is. Monsieur is also wifi capable and comes with an app you can send your drink order from your phone with. Not enough yet? The butler and home automation feature can tell when you arrive home from work and offer you a drink , or determine if you have a guest and offer them a drink , or even offer a your favorite cocktail to you after a favorite team win. The uses for home and business use for this robotic bartender are endless.

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