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2015 on demand

On demand services are taking over the way tasks are completed these days and the ability to get some tasks done cheaper for consumers as well. Ride sharing services brought these on-demand providers into the limelight, and now you have quite a selection of services to choose from, most of which are only an app click away. Below are some of the new or emerging services for 2015 that you should add to your phone.

Handy formerly Handybook  is a home cleaning based company that you can easily book on their convenient app and have someone at your home as soon as the next day. They have been around since 2011 and expanding their company drastically from the home cleaning business to a full range of services. They have professionals that offer general handyman skills as well as plumbing, electrical, painting, furniture assembly and basically anything you need. This is great for urban dwellers that don’t have the access to the tools or the skills to complete some of these tasks. Handy is the uber for the home and can save a lot of time, headaches, and money.

check them out at handy.com and use CHI29 for a home cleaning discount

Washio is an app based dry cleaning service that will pick up and drop off your dry cleaning for you. You select a 30 minute window and a cheerful person shows up at your doorstep to pickup or drop off your dry cleaning via a dry cleaning bay that they supply you. You will also get dry cleaning or laundry picked up and returned within a 24 hours. They are open 6 am to midnight daily and have  24 hour customer service support.

I forgot to mention they give you a cookie as well when they pick up your dirty clothing, check our washio and get $25 dollars off using promo code CLEAN1125

Boxed is an online wholesale club like Sams or Costco without the membership fees and benefit of not having to hike through and potentially get lost forever in a wholesale warehouse. If you don’t have a car but still want to buy a giant box of fruit loops and enough toilet paper to last through a zombie apocalypse then this is the app for you. They do offer several products as well as green and organic products for those of us not on a Chef Boyardee diet, and your first order will ships for free.

Check Boxed out today and be prepared for a zombie  apocalypse

Minibar is one of my favorite, can you guess what they deliver? These guys deliver beer, wine, liquor to your doorstep in 30-60 minutes.  Download their app and within that amount of time you will be sipping your favorite drink without having to leave home or maybe your office when the boss isn’t around. This is also perfect if you are having a party and didn’t plan for such thirsty guests. Instead of leaving the party or giving a friend your money and the responsibility of getting more drinks, Minibar will do it for you.

Use promo code ORDER462 and get $10 off your first order

Blue Apron is for those of us that maybe aren’t the best cooks but want to learn and/or are sick of eating out all of the time. Blue Apron sends you recipes along with the farm fresh ingredients to create awesome and healthy meals that are only 9.99 a person. You state your dietary preferences, and they will send ingredients and a recipe to create a masterpiece. The ingredients are shipped in a refrigerated box, and the recipes are designed for all skill levels.

Check out Blue Apron and invite that person you’ve been trying to impress over and wow them with your cooking, just make sure you hide the box


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