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Skywall 100 Drone Defense System

With all of the things that drones can do there does need to be some type of defense against them. There are many situations from a national security standpoint to a privacy invasion issue that you would want to defend against drones.  This is where a company called Openworks Engineering …

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Air Jamz

Are you the person that likes jamming out with a little air guitar but feel you want to take it to the next level ?  Then check out Air Jamz which is a wearable device that pairs with an app via bluetooth to make those otherwise sounds strums live with …

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VIA rideshare service

VIA ride-share service is new(ish) to the Chicago area but has been in other regions like New York since 2012. You could say that VIA is like the Uber ride-share service that many are familiar with, but that really wouldn’t be fair to VIA. The VIA service uses professional drivers …

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Wallgers the wallet plus + charger

With the amount of people that are carrying around external batteries to charge their phones these days, this was bound to happen sometime. Wallgers are handcrafted wallets with a built in 2,200 mAh battery packs and charging cables that will recharge Android and Apple products 50-80%. Additionally the Wallgers feature real RFID shields …

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Pressy the Almighty Android Button!

Pressy is a button that acts as a controller for your phone. It is a little piece that plugs into the headphone jack and comes with an app that you can program different sequences of button presses to access different actions on your phone. Lets say you take a lot …

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Sonic-Ear for iPad

SONIC-Ear works by redirecting the sound that comes out of the end of the iPad device towards you.  With the sound redirected forward towards you, the iPad sounds appreciably louder.

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