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BASICS: Slim Minimalist Wallet

So if your like me you have accumulated a bunch or cards and excess in your wallet and you are a step away from looking like George Costanza in the famous wallet explosion episode. This BASICS: Slim Minimalist Wallet will trim all that down for you and keep the cards …

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Dart: Worlds smallest laptop adapter

So the Dart worlds smallest laptop adapter basically looks a little bigger than my cell phone charger, and not that laptop chargers are huge but who wouldn’t want to cut down on the size and awkwardness of them ? The dart is compact and also doesn’t heat up like many …

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Shark Diving Adventure

In celebration of Shark Week I thought we would share this shark diving adventure through shark diver for those of us who watched a little too much Shark Week and want to experience the real thing. These guys have multiple dive packages ranging in price and elite yacht tours for …

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Founders Card

The Founders Card gives exclusive membership to entrepreneurs into a community with ample networking opportunities in addition to preferred rates and discounts at their partner companies.

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