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food and drink

Sriracha sauce to go

So it goes by a few names in the US but mainly people call it Rooster sauce from what I’ve heard myself. Say you a fan of the spicy treat but not all restaurants you go to carry the condiment, then this little to go bottle is what you need …

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Mercy hangover prevention

So here is another product in the long list that claim to prevent that nasty hangover the morning after night on the town. Mercy does however have some clinical results¬†as well as some celebs that like the product. However the proof is in the pudding right? I tested this product …

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Cayman Jack Margarita

Margaritas are great on a sunny day, but the problem is you have to go buy ingredients and make them and get the mixture right and use some sugary mix most likely. Cayman Jack solves that problem with a ready to go margarita in a bottle, they also use pure …

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Last week we did a popular feature on a new website – PornBurguer, a place you can go for inspiration to recreate your own badass burgers at home. We continue our burger craze with this awesome book that celebrates the Gourmet burger, “Hamburger Gourmet” is a book by the team …

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