Best Drug Dealer Movies You Haven’t Seen

There are tons of great movies that follow the drug dealer category like Scarface, Blow, Sicario and many more. If that category of film is a favorite of yours you may want to check out some of the less mainstream hits listed below.

requiemRequiem for a Dream (2000)

This film follows 4 different addicts on their ups and eventual downs as you watch their lives swirl down the drain. Drug Dealing only plays a small role in the film but the film itself is very heavy drug influenced, the cinematic shots in the film are visually spectacular and shocking at the same time. Requiem for a Dream should make you feel better about your life for sure.

Directed by Darren Aronofsky starring Jared Leto, Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans.


homeHomegrown (1998)

is a movie about marijuana growers in northern California who run into problems and need to learn the business side of the marijuana industry in a hurry. The grow operations that are shown are in the movie would seem more common place today but at the time were not. Having seen similar operations these days in the same area the movie takes place in, the movie is pretty accurate and features a strong cast as well as a ton of cameos by some great actors.

Directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal starring Billy Bob Thornton, Hank Azaria, Kelly Lynch.


holy rollersHoly Rollers (2010)

is based on a true story of an Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn and Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) who strays from the Orthodox ways. Sam Gold is recruited by Yosef Zimmerman (Justin Bartha) to make trips overseas to pick up ecstasy and bring it back to the United States. Sam’s conservative looks and beliefs lead to the thinking that he will not be searched in the airport. Soon Sam begins to enjoy the lifestyle and begins to recruit more people from his community to participate as well.

Directed by Kevin Asch starring Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Bartha, Danny A. Abeckaser.


layer cakeLayer Cake (2004)

is the story of a successful drug dealer looking to retire but before he does he is tasked by his boss to complete a difficult job. This great movie shows the ways a successful drug dealer avoids looking like a drug dealer in England and more of a businessman who enjoys the golf course. Great movie to watch and see the early action chops of Daniel Craig.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn starring Daniel Craig, Sienna Miller, Michael Gambon.



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